Now Reserving Dance Floor tables for Scottie Miller, Sept 2nd, 3-7pm

-There are only 9 tables available to reserve.

-Reserving a table gets you all 4 hours of the band, 4-8pm. You do not need to stay the full 4 hours and will only have the $25 table minimum for the hours that you stay.

-As of now, table choice will be first come first serve on the day of the band.

-There is no deposit to hold a table. But there is a $25 tab min per hour on each table you reserve.

-Tables seat 4 comfortably. **You may have more than 4 people at your table. However, we would not recommend more than 6.

-If you have a larger group you will need to book more than one table.

-If you have any questions, contact Eric by call or text at 612-718-4553

-As of now, you can only reserve a table one week prior to the next band scheduled.

Dance Floor table Reservation instructions.
Dance Floor table layout
Band Layout 2.png
PLEASE be sure to choose the correct date of the band you wish to make your reservation. 


Thirsty Tiki Thursdays
in BackWaters!!!

**In BackWaters only **


Thursdays from 4-8

Rotating Featured Cocktail new each week!!

$2 off Specialty Cocktails

$3 Rail Drinks

$3 Mich Taps

$10 Wine Flights and 

A Featured Beer Special


$8 Appetizers

Leons Smoked Salmon

Baked tortilla

Artichoke Dip 

Egg Rolls